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From Individuals and Families to Business Owners, the Retired and Disabled or Vulnerable

We just don’t know what the future brings or when it will bring it.  What we do know, is that we can plan for it however, and whenever it might come.

Planning early not only gives you and your family time to put your wishes into effect but it will give you peace of mind knowing that you have done everything you need to do in order to protect yourself, your business and your loved ones when the time comes, and you are no longer able to be there for them.

Everyone deserves understandable, affordable, and professional advice to ensure their needs and those of their family, are taken care of.  

Families with Vulnerable or Learning Disabled Beneficiaries

As parents or carers of a family member with a Learning Disability or other vulnerability, you will have fought for years to obtain packages of support for them. You want to provide for them from your Will but you know that any inheritance can trigger the loss of their means tested benefits and social care services.

Fortunately, provided the right structure is used, it is perfectly possible to leave an inheritance for your loved one to benefit from without losing their benefits.

Families With Elderly Family Members

Degenerative diseases and loss of mental capacity are on the rise as we live longer. Everyone hopes this will not happen to us or to our family and friends, but if it does, we need to be prepared and we need to help those we love to be prepared.

There are several things that can be done which will help you to support your loved ones if making decisions is becoming difficult for them.

Families, Individuals, Couples

You’ve worked hard, saved and invested and built up your family wealth. You understandably want to protect your assets and your family against problems that might arise.

Having Wills and LPAs in place is the cornerstone of your planning.

Later Life and the Elderly

As we age, physical and cognitive changes take place and the needs of one elderly client might be quite different to that of another.

I am committed to treating all my clients with the utmost respect, with respect for their dignity and with compassionate, yet professional advice.

Business Owners

Whether you run a business as a Sole Trader, own shares in a private limited company or have an interest as a Member or Partner in an LLP or Partnership, you need to know about the valuable tax reliefs that may be available and the benefits that a Business LPA can bring.

TEP freelance solicitor in Brackley, Northants

Why trust me?

A Fully Accredited Member of Lifetime Lawyers, STEP & a Dementia Friend

I am a full member of the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners (STEP) and I also have the STEP Advanced Certificate in Trust Disputes and STEP Advanced Certificate in Advising Vulnerable Clients. I am also an Accredited Lifetime Lawyer – one of the most qualified lawyers in the country supporting vulnerable and older people as well as a Dementia Friend.

As a Recommended Solicitor for Mencap, SCOPE, the National Autistic Society and the Alzheimer’s Society, I am sensitive to a family’s needs and understanding of their circumstances when planning how to benefit, yet protect, a vulnerable member of their family.