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Later life and the elderly

I provide compassionate and professional advice; always acting in my client’s best interests and always maintaining confidentiality.

I understand that everyone is different, with different needs and different abilities.

I understand that the sometimes physical, sometimes cognitive difficulties that one of my older or vulnerable clients may be experiencing, may require a different approach to that of another older or vulnerable client.

I commit to using clear language without legal jargon and to present the information to my clients in ways which best help that individual to understand and to make their own decisions.

I am happy to spend additional time with my client, to meet with them at a place where they will be most comfortable and at a time of the day where they can be at their best. 

Fully accredited

To become a fully accredited SFE member, I had to obtain the SFE Older Client Care in Practice award

This is an additional highly specialised qualification which gives me an in depth understanding of older clients, their key issues and how best to support and advise them. I am trained in older and vulnerable client care to take into account any difficulties both mental and physical which can affect older and vulnerable clients, I can assess and advise whether their capacity is sufficient and if in doubt, I can liaise with expert independent assessors.

SFE Older Client Care accredited solicitor
SFE accredited solicitor in Brackley

Why use an SFE member?

SFE is a national association of independent lawyers who specialise in older client law. As specialists, SFE members are also trained in older client care so that they are able to take into account any difficulties both mental and physical which can affect older and vulnerable clients and are aware of the health and social problems that people may face. 

Legal services

Areas I can help with

I have compiled a selection of frequently asked questions and answers related to wills and will trusts. If you have any questions that I haven’t covered, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

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People often say that getting started is the hardest part of all. Because you are reading this, you should feel encouraged that you have already begun the process, and my job is to help you from here. Simply pick up the phone and call me or drop me a short email.